What we do!!!

Kitchen Renovation:
Why replace when it only needs a new look?
Worn, scratched, and out-dated colours on existing cabinets, countertops, appliances (and even ceramic tile) can be quickly and professionally refinished in a matter of hours. We can refinish your existing kitchen with a smooth, durable, and beautiful semi-gloss finish. Using our time proven guaranteed coating system, you can save up to thousands of dollars over replacement and up to 50% over the cost of refacing. We use high quality Hawk Research Laboratory products With over 4000 resurfaces worldwide and 35 million applications. Click here for the colour chart.

Bathroom Renovation:
Refinish your existing bathtub and save 80%!
Replacing your bathtub not only involves the cost of a new model, but the additional expense of replacing wall and floor tiles, wall board, plumbing and hardware. Glas-Tech 9000™ is a remarkable time-tested acrylic refinishing method developed specifically for bathroom refinishing. Unlike ordinary bath liners, the compounds fuse on a molecular level to the substrate, becoming a permanent part of the original surface. This ensures your refinished bathtub is easy to clean, and protected against impacts, stains and chemicals delivering many more years of reliable surface. Refinishing with Glas-Tech 9000™ will transform your bathtub to a sparkling factory-new finish at only a fraction of the cost, often saving as much as 80% over replacement. Click here for the colour chart.

Floor Tiles Resurfacing:
Refinish your ceramic tiles and save 50%!
Applying Glas-Tech 9000™ to your ceramic tiles creates a protective, non-porous barrier to eliminate unsanitary mould and mildew, resulting in a clean, fresh environment for your family and guests. Refinishing your existing ceramic tile seals in grout lines and protects against water damage and dry wall rot. The process is cost effective, saving you up to 50% over replacement. Click here for the colour chart.

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