What areas do We cover?
A1 Kitchen and Bathroom services in and around Melbourne. Contact us to discuss if you live away from Melbourne.

How much will I save with resurfacing as opposed to replacement?
Resurfacing will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over replacement. Replacement can often have hidden costs such as removal and disposal costs, plumbing alterations, and tile work. These costs add up, and you can easily end up spending thousands.

How long does the bath resurfacing process take?
Our resurfacing process for a medium size kitchen typically only takes 6-8 hours to complete. Allow few hours to seal the area before spraying and cleanup after the surface gets dried up.

Do A1 Kitchen and Bathrooms repair cracks, chips, and scratches?
We will fill in any chips or other imperfections in your bathtub or other surface prior to the refinishing process, making your damaged surface as good as new.

What colours and designs are on offer?
We offers a wide variety of factory-ready colours and designs. Contact us to request colour samples.

How do I care for and clean my refinished surface?
Refinished bathrooms and kitchens are often easier to clean than the original product. Make sure you use mild, non-abrasive cleaning products. Just as with a new bath or worktop, the finish or shine can be dulled by abrasive cleaners.